100th Anniversary

100th Anniversary



We are grateful to announce that Asahi Shuzo Co., Ltd. has reached its 100th anniversary in 2016.

Our company traces its origins back to 1916, when the founder, Yasuni Kitei, along with his wife Hatsu, established the business as a small shop located at 143 Wan in Kikai Village.

At the time of establishment, the company was known as 'Kitei Yasuni Shoten'.

Even though our factory was completely destroyed by the ravages of war during the World War II, the founder, along with the second generation, Yasuo, and his wife, continued manufacturing and sales with the support of our community and our customers. In 1960, we changed our company name to Asahi Shuzo Co., Ltd., and have continued our journey to this day.

We are deeply grateful for reaching this remarkable milestone of our 100th anniversary, which would not have been possible without the longstanding patronage and warm support of our customers over the years.

As we commemorate this occasion, we see it as an opportunity to reflect on our role as a shochu brewery and as a forward-thinking company focused on the future. We are committed to maintaining our dedication to 'Kikai Island,' and we aim to continue our pursuit of safer and more reliable craftsmanship.

We will strive even harder in the future, and we humbly ask for your continued unwavering support and patronage.

To Kikai Island 100 Years from Now, with Our Heartfelt Wishes.

We want the charm of Kikai Island to be known throughout Japan and around the world. We want to work together to create the future of Kikai Island. We hope that in 100 years, Kikai Island will still have the same warmth of its nature and people. We continue to craft kokuto shochu blessed by this abundance. We are committed to agriculture, brewery tours, community outreach, and events beyond the island.

100th Anniversary Commemorative Products

100th Anniversary Commemorative Shochu


Evolved Takataro

We have further evolved the taste of our brand 'Takataro' and completely redesigned the bottle. The logo, clouds bursting into the blue sky like fireworks, is placed on a white bottle, giving it a refreshing and dignified appearance. The fruity deliciousness makes it enjoyable in various occasions and pairs well with both Japanese and Western cuisines. We believe you will appreciate its versatility.