Keepers of Distillery

Keepers of Distillery


Kokuto Shochu and the Keepers of the Distillery

Asahi Shuzo's kokuto shochu undergoes processing from raw materials to bottling, all conducted by the hands of the people living on Kikai Island. Surrounded by abundant nature and serene time, the common goal is to deliver the true essence of Kikai Island. Let us introduce the artisans who dedicate themselves to crafting kokuto shochu day by day.

Master Brewer (4th Generation)Hiroyuki Kitei

Assumed office as representative in 2011

Since I can remember, kokuto shochu has been a part of my daily life, and I often visited the brewery. As the brewery owner, my wish is for both constancy and continuous evolution. Alongside the desire to preserve the abundant nature of Kikai Island for future generations and maintain the essence of Asahi Shuzo, there's also the aspiration to share the charm of kokuto shochu and Kikai Island with people across Japan and around the world.
The sea, the land, the wind, the rain, the sun, and the power of people—all of Kikai Island encapsulated in a taste. To deliver this experience, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to shochu brewing and raw material production. Please, enjoy our beloved kokuto shochu.

Master Brewer

Agricultural DivisionShinya Kotoku

In the Agricultural Division, we strive every day to cultivate sugarcane and white sesame using organic farming methods in our own farm. Additionally, we also produce kokuto, the raw material for shochu. In 2015, we obtained organic JAS certification.
With the principle of 'Shochu is made from agricultural products; shochu brewing is agriculture' in mind, we are committed to producing safe, reliable, and high-quality products. We would be delighted if you would enjoy our kokuto shochu, accompanied by our delicious kokuto and white sesame as snacks.

Agricultural Division

General Affairs DepartmentTomoe Oyama

I mainly work on the accounting, but I also get a chance to get in touch with our customers through phone calls, faxes, emails, and dealing with visitors. I hope you can experience the heartfelt kokuto shochu along with the spirit of Kikai Island. Looking forward to your visit, orders, and correspondence.
※ In our office, you can taste all our brands!

General Affairs Department

Manufacturing DivisionKenichi Kawahara

I am originally from Kanagawa Prefecture, and I am the second employee who has relocated to Kikai Island in the 108-year history of Asahi Shuzo.

I am involved in various tasks such as koji making, kokuto dissolution, brewing, and attending to guests during brewery tours. While I still have limited knowledge about shochu brewing, I am conscious of our theme, which is to convey Kikai Island through kokuto shochu. As an employee of a small island's historic shochu brewery, I aim to enjoy myself while also sharing the excellence of kokuto shochu and the beauty of Kikai Island with many customers.

Manufacturing Division

Bottling DivisionTetsuya Yukimoto

I was drawn to the charm of Kikai Island and relocated here, eventually joining Asahi Shuzo. (Actually, I am the first employee from outside the island to work at Asahi Shuzo.)
My evening drink is regular Asahi shochu mixed with 30% water! I also keep a bottle at local eateries, sharing enjoyable moments with islanders through sake.

In the bottling department, my responsibilities include adjusting alcohol strength, bottling, labeling, and shipping. Our job is to ensure the product reaches our customers' lips.
I find fulfillment in imagining our customers enjoying our product as I work diligently to deliver as many bottles as possible.

Bottling Division

We will continue to craft kokuto shochu that allows you to feel the essence of Kikai Island with just one sip, no matter where you are in the world.
If you ever visit Kikai Island, please make sure to stop by Asahi Shuzo. Our beautiful nature and dedicated staff eagerly await your visit.

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