A Drop from Kikai Island
inviting the southern breeze

Before anywhere else in the Amami Islands, Kikai Island welcomes the first morning sun. It is a miracle that the ground, formed by coral reefs, still continues to rise.
Blessed with rich nature and diversity of Kikai Island, Asahi Shuzo began crafting brown sugar shochu (called "kokuto shochu" in Japanese) in 1916. Our name Asahi means the morning sun, which Illuminates and nurtures the lush sugarcane fields. We are the oldest shochu brewery in Kikai Island.
What we aspire to as a distillery on the island is a drop filled with the breath of Kikai Island.

The sea, the sky, the rough texture of the coral stone walls, the fluttering wings of the Rice Paper butterfly, and the long-standing activities of the people. In our desire to convey everything we love about Kikai Island, we began cultivating organic sugarcane in 1999.

The sugarcane is nurtured by the hands of those who live on the island. The brown sugar, shining like a black diamond, transforms into a subtly sweet-scented black sugar shochu. With each sip, you feel the gentle touch of the southern breeze brushing against your cheeks. A brilliantly clear sky and crystal-clear sea stretch out before you. Through kokuto shochu, we will share the 'island time' that connects with the warmth of Kikai Island's nature, culture, and people with the world.

Company Philosophy

We, Asahi Shuzo, strive to be sincere to people and to the world.
With this belief, we earnestly engage in shochu brewing with love and pride, enhancing and utilizing individual capabilities, and contributing to society's advancement alongside our business development.

Company Information

Company Name
Asahi Shuzo Co., Ltd.
41-1 Wan, Kikai-cho, Oshima-gun, Kagoshima 891-6202 Japan
President and CEO
Hiroyuki Kitei
Business Activities
Manufacture and sales of brown sugar shochu
Manufacture and sales of brown sugar
Manufacture and sales of white sesame
Cultivation of sugarcane
Sales of processed products using Kikai Island's agricultural products

Company History


Taisho 5

The founder, Yasuni Kitei, along with his wife Hatsu, established the company as 'Kitei Yasuni Shoten' (located at 143 Wan)

The founder, Yasuni Kitei, along with his wife Hatsu
'Kitei Yasuni Shoten'


Showa 35

The incorporation of 'Asahi Shuzo Co., Ltd.' and the appointment of the second-generation representative, Yasuo Kitei


Showa 60

The completion of the second factory (office and bottling facility) (located at 446-16 Wan)


Showa 62

The appointment of the third-generation representative, Mitsuhiro Kitei


Heisei 11

Start of sugarcane cultivation


Heisei 12

Completion of the sugar refinery (located at 477 Nakasato Kube Mashi)


Heisei 16

Completion of the storage warehouse (located at 167-2 Wan)


Heisei 18

Release of 'Hiizuru Shima no See 2001,' a homemade organic brown sugar shochu


Heisei 23

The appointment of the fourth-generation representative, Hiroyuki Kitei


Heisei 27

Obtained Organic JAS Certification


Heisei 28

Obtained JGAP Certification


41-1 Wan, Kikai-cho, Oshima-gun, Kagoshima 891-6202 Japan
Approximately 10 minutes by car from Kikaijima Airport.
Closed on : Sundays, holidays, the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month