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This shochu is made by distilling moromi and using only the first portion that drips (first distillate) to create an alcohol content of 44%.
It features a fragrant aroma of brown sugar and a mellow sweetness. You can enjoy it as an after-dinner drink, chilled in the freezer like grappa or marc, poured over vanilla ice cream, mixed into desserts, or enjoyed as a dessert wine. It is inspired by the Great Orange Tip butterfly, also known as the "Lady of the Southern Island," which is drawn to its sweet scent.

Material Brown Sugar [Okinawa, Amami]
Rice Koji [White Koji/Thai Rice]
vol. 300ml
Thai Rice Importer Government of Japan
Distributor Kagoshima Prefecture Sake Brewers Association


 *Enjoy alcohol responsibly and only after you turn 20.
*Alcohol consumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding can affect the development of the fetus and infant, so please be cautious.
*Never drink and drive.
*Umami components may float or settle, but there is no issue with the quality.